About Us


Everyone gets picked to play

To change the lives of people with a disability through participation in sport

Dignity - We believe everyone has great value
Tenacity - We fight fiercely for inclusion
Resilience - We get up and go every day
Camaraderie - We are in it together

In April 1961, a meeting was held poolside of the hydrotherapy pool at the Prince Alfred Hospital in which the Paraplegic Association of NSW was formed (later known as Paraquad). A Committee was formed and later that year it was decided to establish the Paraplegic Sports Club of NSW. The first Paraplegic Sports Club meeting was held at Bruce Thwaite’s jewellery shop in Concord in October 1961. It became known as the Para Sports Club – and was also affectionately referred to as ‘The Club’ – a term that some older members continue to use today. The companionship and friendship shared amongst the members during this period was very important to the development and growth of the Association. This support also helped the members to improve and achieve in their chosen sporting areas.

In 1987, the Club was established as an independent organisation, to be known as the NSW Wheelchair Sports Association Inc, and later Wheelchair Sports NSW in 2006. Throughout these years there were many wonderful athletes, volunteers, partners and community members who continued to build wheelchair sport into the thriving community it is today.

In 2021, the organisation became Wheelchair Sports NSW/ACT in recognition of the great work happening in the ACT and Southern NSW for decades.

Today, Wheelchair Sports NSW/ACT is a thriving State Sporting Organisation with more than 1,200 Members of all ages participating in 9 Sports, from grassroots to the elite level. We stand on the shoulders of the incredible pioneers who built this organisation since 1961, and are committed to creating an even brighter future for wheelchair sport in the years ahead.

2019/20     Organisation of the Year Runner Up - Her Sport Her Way Awards

2020           State Association of the Year - Play by the Rules

2021           Overall Winner - Australian Sport, Recreation & Play Innovation Awards

2021           Finalist - NOVA Focus on Ability Film Festival

2021           Team of the Year with a Disability (GIO NSW Gladiators) - NSW Sports Awards

2021           Administrator of the Year (Mick Garnett) - NSW Sports Awards

2022           Finalist - Pride In Sport Awards (Rolling Rainbow Sports Day)

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