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Wheelchair Sports NSW/ACT (WS NSW/ACT) values the importance of an individual’s privacy and that an individual has the right to control his personal information. WS NSW/ACT will only collect, use and disclose personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the Act) and this Policy.  WS NSW/ACT's Privacy Policy is drafted with reference to the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) contained in the Act. This Policy describes the way WS NSW/ACT collects, uses, discloses, stores, secures and disposes of an individual’s personal information including about:

(a) persons who donate money to WS NSW/ACT;
(b) member registration for various events and programs; and
(c) athletes, supporters, coaches and volunteers who register for any event or function conducted by WS NSW/ACT using both the online registration portal and the paper-based registration form.  In addition, WS NSW/ACT may collect personal information directly from individuals who provide information to WS NSW/ACT in person, by email, over the phone or through the use of the WS NSW/ACT website.  WS NSW/ACT may also collect personal information about an individual from publicly available sources of information. 


The type of personal information which may be collected includes:
– Individual’s name
– Individual’s address
– Individual’s phone number
– Individual’s email address
– Individual’s credit card details;
– Individual’s health information; and
– for job applicants, education and employment history.
Other than where personal information is collected from publicly available sources, no personal information will be collected without consent.


The purposes for which we collect personal information will vary depending on an individual’s relationship with WS NSW/ACT and may include for the purpose of (1) providing information regarding WS NSW/ACT to its members and to individuals who have had their personal information collected, (2) processing payments, (3) to contact athletes, supporters, coaches and volunteers regarding the event prior to their arrival, (4) contacting individuals, (5) responding to their queries, (6) developing and improving WS NSW/ACT services and obtaining feedback, and (6) for job applicants, assessing an application. WS NSW/ACT may send advertising mail to its stakeholders including, where they have opted in, via email or other digital communications.  Individuals may unsubscribe from the mailing list(s) at any time by contacting Reception on 02 9809 5260 or

If WS NSW/ACT is not able to collect personal information about an individual WS NSW/ACT may not be able to provide that individual with the services and assistance to the extent that the services or assistance requires WS NSW/ACT to collect, use or disclose personal information, or in the case of job applicants, assess an application of employment.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

WS NSW/ACT is not permitted to disclose personal information to anyone other than in accordance with the Act, without the consent of the individual, unless an exception applies under the Act (including the Australian Privacy Principle).

WS NSW/ACT may use or disclose personal information for the purpose for which it was collected.  WS NSW/ACT may also use or disclose an individual’s personal information for any secondary purpose that is related to the purpose for which WS NSW/ACT collected it or in the case of sensitive information (such as health information) directly related to the purpose for which WS NSW/ACT collected it, where the individual would reasonably expect it to be used or disclosed for that purpose.  

WS NSW/ACT may also use or disclose an individual’s personal information where the individual has expressly consented (including health information) or impliedly consented (excluding health information) to the use or disclosure or where the use or disclosure is authorized or required by law.  If WS NSW/ACT wishes to use or disclose the personal information in other circumstances WS NSW will obtain the individual’s prior consent to do so.

In addition, if WS NSW/ACT receives a request from a third party for an individual’s personal information, WS NSW/ACT is not permitted to release the information unless it is either in accordance with the practices set out by the Act or written consent is provided by the individual.

Sharing Personal Information with Other Organisations

WS NSW/ACT may also disclose personal information to third parties, including contractors and service providers performing services for us (such as information technology service providers).

WS NSW/ACT requires that third party organisations to whom WS NSW/ACT discloses an individual’s personal information acknowledge the confidentiality of this information, respect any individual’s right to privacy and comply with the APPs and this Policy. WS NSW/ACT also requires that these organisations use this information only for the purposes for which WS NSW/ACT collected the information (or a secondary related purpose as described above) and otherwise follow WS NSW/ACT reasonable directions with respect to this information.  

Storage and Security of Personal Information

WS NSW/ACT will take reasonable steps to protect an individual’s personal information so that it is stored in a manner that reasonably protects it from misuse and loss from unauthorised access, modification and disclosure.

WS NSW/ACT may store an individual’s files either in hard copy or electronically. WS NSW/ACT implement a range of physical and electronic security measures to protect the personal information that we hold, including password protection, encryption of hardware and restricted staff access.

Disposing of Personal Information

When an individual’s personal information is no longer needed for the purpose for which it was obtained, WS NSW/ACT will take reasonable steps to destroy or de-identify the personal information collected in accordance with the requirements set out in the APPs. However, most of the personal information will be stored by WS NSW/ACT for a minimum of seven (7) years. 

Access to the Individual’s Personal Information

An individual has a right to request access to his personal information held by WS NSW/ACT. To obtain a copy of the personal information, an individual should contact the WS NSW/ACT office using the contact details in the ‘Contact Us’ section below. As a security measure, WS NSW/ACT may require personal identification from an individual to verify his identity before providing this information to the individual.

If an individual wishes to change or update personal information that is inaccurate or out-of-date, he/she may contact the WS NSW/ACT office using the details given in the ‘Contact Us’ section below.

Third Parties Websites

WS NSW/ACT does not guarantee website links or the policy of third parties.  WS NSW/ACT is not responsible for the content, security or privacy practices of those other websites.  An individual should view the privacy policies displayed on those websites to find out how the individual’s personal information may be used. 


If an individual has any questions or concerns about WS NSW/ACT's collection, use or disclosure of personal information, or if an individual believes WS NSW/ACT has not complied with this Policy or the Act, that individual should contact WS NSW/ACT as set out below. WS NSW/ACT's office will investigate the complaint and determine whether a breach has occurred and what action, if any, to take.

WS NSW/ACT will take any privacy complaint seriously and will aim to resolve any such complaint in a timely and efficient manner, and WS NSW/ACT's target response time is 30 days.

WS NSW/ACT expects its procedures will deal fairly and promptly with an individual’s complaint. However, if an individual remains dissatisfied, that individual can also make a formal complaint with the Officer of the Australian Information Commissioner (which is the regulator responsible for privacy in Australia):

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC)
Complaints must be made in writing

1300 363 992

Director of Compliance
Office of the Australian
Information Commissioner
GPO Box 5218
Sydney NSW 2001

Contact Us

If an individual has any questions or would like further information about how WS NSW handles personal information, please contact WS NSW/ACT office by writing to:

Wheelchair Sports NSW
PO Box 3244
NSW, 2112


Any enquiries or comments regarding WS NSW/ACT's Privacy Policy should be made to the WS NSW/ACT office.

Updates to this Policy

WS NSW/ACT reserves the right to change this Policy at any time. WS NSW/ACT will notify any changes by posting an updated version of the Policy on the website.

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