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Getting started

Welcome to Wheelchair Sports NSW/ACT, we’re thrilled you want to have a go at sport. If you’re new to participating, you’re in the right place. The first step to getting involved is becoming a member, check out all the details here

We provide coaching and equipment, and for some sports we can also provide sport chairs to help get you started. We also have an equipment loan program, which you can find out more about here.

Once you're a member, there are different opportunities to participate in our sports:


We have lots of different opportunities for everyone to try out one of our sports, including free regular training sessions and Come n Try days. Check out your chosen sport for details on where and when.


When you’re ready to participate on a regular basis, we have great events across all of our sports. These are a great opportunity to meet other athletes and increase your skills. All the details can be found on your sports page. 


For those who want to pursue their dream of representing their state & beyond, we want to help you get there. We run a number of professional events and competitions and can support you to reach your goals. Check out your sports page or get in touch for more details.

Check out our sports here

If you’re not quite ready to start your sport, or if you’d like to do some training to help get fit to play, you can visit a NeuroMoves Gym in NSW and the ACT. Click here to read more about NeuroMoves from our mates at SCIA.

Finally, we’re here to help you on your journey into sport. If you’ve had a look around our site and would like to speak to someone, please contact your closest Sports Development Officer:


Head of Sport

David Pope
P: 0488 980 203

Sports Team Administrator

Marta Myhill
P: 0408 358 605

Sport Coordinator 

Zac Conacher-Smith
P: 0415 489 483

Sport Coordinator

Johnathon Liapis
P: 0407 682 545

Sport Coordinator

Meekhael Villafranca
P: 0451 309 583

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